Microsoft M365 Power Automate for Desktop

Title Microsoft M365 Power Automate for Desktop
Category Other
Description This Application is an extension of Power Automate that is part of the Microsoft 365 Suite. This addition allows power automate to use local files and resources, allowing for more seamless integration of power automate into everyday tasks like uploading files and video automatically, editing and managing folders and versioning, and allowing for longer, more accurate flows to be implemented that will result in higher efficiency overall. This is a 90 day trial of this and there is an additional fee after the trial. i will be testing to see if this is worth the cost and will discontinue use after trial or make a case for continued use.
Approval Status Approved
Approval Date 2024-04-26
Approval Expiration 2026-04-26
Support Level Install Only
Scope Device
Intended Audience Staff
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